hose crimping machine CWSG-51C
    hose crimping machine CWSG-51C

Product Description:

hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale
1.high quality
2.easy operate
3.high efficiency
4.hydraulic hose crimping machine

Hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale CWSG-51C:

QTD-51C Model hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale produced by our factory is applicable for the fastening and 
pressing processing of the high pressure rubber hose, fiber pipe and plastic pipe assemblies in the industry,agriculture and 
hydraulic transmission of engineering machine, and the machine has the following characteristics: having small volume,
light weight, many functions, and rapid opening of die, being easy to operate and convenient for maintenance and repair and so on.

Technical data of hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale CWSG-51C:

Crimping Rage

Φ6mm- Φ51mm

Rated Pressure


The Largest Crimping Pressure





300 kg

Max Opening




Working Voltage




Outer Size

1 m³

Advantages of hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale CWSG-51C

1. larger crimping forece up to 640T.

2. higher speed ,good working efficiency ,save time ,use the same time get you more money and more profit: Oil Pump Output: 14 L/min

3. Good efficiency to crimp the elbow, for biger opening. Max openjing:120mm.

4. using variable pump/ variable desplacement pump, have two types of speed, at the beginning with much quicker speed to save power, 
    and when reach the hose, gradually with slower speed to crimp hose perfect, power saved and high speed.

5. with self-filling oil cup, the work surface can be lubricated and never leakage oil.

6. with base-protective resin gasket not damage the working surface.

Operating Principle of the hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale CWSG-51C

Driven by the motor, the oil pump exports the hydraulic oil to push the trunk piston in the fastening and pressing oil cylinder to
move forwards,which makes two inner taper sleeves on the trunk piston and front cylinder cap push the die holder with symmetrical
conical surface to make radial shrinkage, which realizes the fastening and pressing of die block to the rubber hose.

Installation and Experiment and Adjustment for hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale CWSG-51C

Transportation: It is proper to use the fork-lift truck to transport the hydraulic hose crimping machine, 
and make the bottom of the machine under stress.