hose crimping machine CWSG-51
    hose crimping machine CWSG-51

Product Description:


hydraulic hose pipe crimping machine
1.easy to operate
2.high quality and best price
3.hose pipe crimping machine in stock

The features of hydraulic hose pipe crimping machine CWSG-51:

1.CWSG-51 hose pipe crimping machine is the special machine,you can crimp all types of connectors on the hoses stably 
   and accurately under hydraulic force 450 ton.

2.Our model CWSG-51 hose pipe crimping machine has many good characteristic. such as, better connecting quality, 
   more quick swagging speed, higher efficiency, easier to manipulate, more enduring, more convenient to maintain and etc. 

3.Hose connectors of different diameters all can be swagged only one time. The connector swagged looks smooth and fine, 
   and has large tensile strength and compressive strength. In a word, the crimper is an ideal machine for hose connector assembly factory 
   and for hydraulic maintenance.

How to crimp the ends onto hydraulic hose ?

1.Insert one end of a length of hydraulic hose into the hydraulic hose fitting. Make sure it is securely in place.

2.Set the micrometer on the hose-crimping machine according to manufacturer specifications for the kind of hose and fitting you are using. 
   Find these specifications in the hose-crimping machine's manual.

3.Place the fitting end of the hose into the crimping machine and line up the fittings mark on the machine with the top of the hose.

4.Insert the compression ring into the crimping machine.

5.Activate the hose crimping press. The crimping machine's press will exert pressure on the compression ring, causing the compression mechanism
   to press against the hydraulic hose fitting and crimp it in place.

6.Repeat this process with the remaining end of the hydraulic hose.