Manual hose crimping machine CWSG-KG75
    Manual hose crimping machine CWSG-KG75

Product Description:

manual hydraulic hose crimping tools:
1.portable to carry and easy to operate
2.competitive price and excellent qualit

manual hydraulic hose crimping tools CWSG-KG75 :

1.The profile of Separating hydraulic crimping machine CWSG-KG75:

Hydraulic rubber hose crimping machine( Also can be called rubber tubes locking machine, rubber tubes pressing machine, 
rubber tubes crimping machine,high pressure hose crimping machine, tube locking machine, and so on.) is kinds of machines 
which can be used to lock and press the tubes assembly. It can force contractility through the moulds to press and crimp the metal joints 
on the matching rubber tubes firmly. Hydraulic hose crimping machine can press and lock lots of kinds of tubes, such as high-low pressure 
tubes, gas tubes, water tubes, air-condition tubes, corrugated pipes and also with cable joints, so they are widely used on cars, construction 
machinery, household appliances and welding and cutting equipment industries. Now the market requires much higher quality of the rubber 
tubes locking machine, to meet the needs we design and produce more than 10 kinds of types of rubber tubes locking machine, 
and they are all high precision and high efficiency to press and crimp elbow, flange, tubes with varies kinds of sizes, diameter, or layers of steel wires.

2.The features of separating hydraulic crimping machine :

1 import components, low noise long life.
2 the quantity expansion, suitable for different elbow Crimp;
3 has mistakenly put mold protection device;
4 the whole disassembling mold, fast and convenient 
5.portable to carry

Swager Force(10KN)


Hose Size(mm)


Most Wire-wound Layer


Rated Pressure(MPa)



4 (16 22 32 39)